From belief to BeLiving

We believe in bridging generations and bringing stories to life.

Today loneliness is a spreading health issue
– but solvable by rethinking.

We see more and more young adults
struggling to find an affordable living.

Sweden has the most single-households in the world – let´s change that!

Welcome to BeLiving!

Äldre man umgås med inneboende

The BeLiving solution

We create valuable meetings that care for you or your loved ones. Regardless if you want to rent, rent out, need simple services, or need an extra income.

By letting young adults who need a living, also when agreed lend a helping hand, we bridge generations and create multiple values for both young and elderly.

By contracting young adults for simple repetitive services, we enable them to have an extra income during their studies or the beginning of adulthood while letting them doing good.

We enable a helping hand through simple services that most of us can offer and everyone will value.

We strive to...

…build a society standing on the pillars of openness, assurance, respect, and gratitude for others — regardless of gender, culture, sexual orientation, religion, beliefs, origin, ability, and other things that make us human.


By joining BeLiving, members move in with the capacity to create a better tomorrow simply by going from being better THAN to being better FOR.

Sustainable togetherness

In the future, we see this kind of solution helping people worldwide to live in a more sustainable togetherness


Social Sustainability – by caring and sharing. We think that our idea can help out to fight loneliness as well as bringing stories to life.


Economic Sustainability – by offering affordable living for the young, an extra income for the elderly, or anyone who lets co-livers into their homes.


Ecological Sustainability – by understanding that our planet has limited resources. Therefore we believe in utilizing existing buildings more effectively instead of building new ones.

The drivers for the idea

Amer Mejric

Founder – CEO
Seeing the change is believing in a future reality.

Johnny Pihlström

Founder – Business strategies
Through co-living, we will start co-caring by co-sharing.

Paramveer Kaur

Founder – International relations

The world is a small place if you got a big heart.

Ulrika Algotsson

Chairman of the Board
Believing that co-living is a better way of togetherness.

Philip Arvidsson

CTO – Product development
Society needs new tools. Let us create IT.

Jennie Nilsson

Chief legal officer – Partnerships

Opening the door is a way for opening up societies.

Be the shift

Join our Moving-In-Movement


Could you help us create tomorrow’s society by sharing a sustainable idea of being better for each other?


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