Ukrainas flagga som är blå och gul

Renting out rooms to refugees or asylum seekers?

Long queues outside the Migration Agency’s offices

Mikael Ribbenvik, Director General of the Swedish Migration Agency, appeared on SVT’s agenda 2022-03-13 and appealed for help from the public and NGOs to receive the large influx of refugees coming from Ukraine.

We see people in long queues outside the Migration Agency’s offices. These people often need emergency accommodation, sometimes only for a few days.



Great interest in helping Ukrainians

The number of Ukrainians seeking asylum in Sweden is expected to reach, according to the Migration Agency’s main scenario; 212,000 refugees in the period March to June. Many efforts have been made to help these refugees find temporary accommodation. Many refugees are now living in temporary accommodation thanks to generous people who are organizing and offering accommodation through various Facebook groups, among others.


Interest in helping Ukrainian refugees is high, so we want to make it easy for you to offer some of your housing.

We are now opening up our platform free of charge to those who would like to offer shelter to the Ukrainian refugees.

No one can do everything – but we can all do something.

Ukrainska flaggan framför en byggnad i Kiev

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Link to more information on the Migration Agency: click here

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