A modern Co-Living solution

BeLiving is a co-living solution bringing people together with
the possibility to combine living and services


For young, elderly
& everyone

We enable co-living solutions for 
young adults struggling to find 
affordable living in attractive areas.

We help the elderly rent out a room 
enabling an extra income while 
having the opportunity to get a 
helping hand and meaningful 

Safety for both

We take the guesswork out of living with someone new.


By screening for safety, taking care of the transactions, offering help with house rules, signing the contract, and providing guidance.

Simplified renting

Sharing a home has never been easier.


We handle vetting, leases, payments and offer real human support every step of the way.

Better for solution

Imagine a society where we go from being better THAN each other to be better FOR each other.

Get to know great people matching your profile before signing.

Beliving in 2 minutes

Our idea is to utilize spaces and rooms in existing apartments.


We think it is an excellent idea that the elderly get an extra income and now can pay the young adult for simple services.


Examples of services can be cleaning, cooking, going for errands, gardening & much more!


The young adult pays the rent and gets paid in return for the services they provide. A pure and simple win-win!

An art of living - endless reasons

“I was pretty lonely and looked forward to having some company.”
“I had more than one room to share, and loved the idea helping students”
"I needed an affordable place to live in Stockholm during studies."
“My garden needed a helping hand as I´m not that young anymore. I liked the idea to giving a out a room and getting help in the arrangement”
“I´m one of all the poor students that struggle to pay todays market prices”
"I´m pretty new in the country and found it hard to find a living before your got what you need to be a Swede."
“I live in France and needed a place in Stockholm for 6 months, while we sturted up a business for the Swedish market”
"I looked for someone who could be with my father regularly."
"I'm getting older and liked the idea to get an extra hand almost as much that I looked forward to help someone else with a living."

“I had a room to share and liked the idea of helping out a young”

Just living or a combination with services?

+ Rental income

– Pay for services

= Money for other things

– Pays rent

+ Gets paid for services

= Attractive housing cost

Revenue for rent

Pay for services

when agreed

Pays rent

Gets paid for services

when agreed

+ Rental income

– Pay for services

= Money for other things

– Pays rent

+ Gets paid for services

= Attractive housing cost

Voices & quotes

Benefiting people and society

We BeLieve

We believe in bridging generations and cultures
by bringing stories to life.

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