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With Problems that we identified

An idea about being better for each other

We believe that today's problem and tomorrows challenges are not easily going to be solved by traditional solutions.

We that more and more people live alone and that is doesn't have to be like that.

We believe that bridging different generations together will solve a lot of issues in the community.

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Helping Hand

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Shared Experiences

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Shared Living

The new change to make a difference for each other

We are becoming more and more in society but coming farther and farther apart. Loneliness is spreading in all social classes, creating gaps between people and becoming a public health problem.

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We are determined to change that. We believe in finding new ways to bridge people across generational boundaries and cultural barriers.

Imagine if it's so simple that the only thing we need to do is to go from being better THAN to being better FOR one another.

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For Older generation

This is a solution for you that is a senior (or a relative) who wants to explore the option to interact over generations and create a more sustainable community in many aspects.

Challenges we see

Lonlieness and the need for companionship

The ability to live at home and get help with simple services

Economical support

For Younger Adults:

This is a solution for you who are studying or a young adult and wants to explore alternative living arrangements that challenge today's social structures. We want to give the ability live more sustainable, economical and meaningful through sharing a home.

Problem area 1. Expensive living

Problem area 2. Difficult for expats to integrate at a new place

Problem area 3. Figure out a sources of extra income


This is happening right now

Welcome to a unique co-creation in finding tomorrows solution for sharedlivings.

Where? Birger Jarlsgatan 58, Stockholm (entrance left of the door)

When? Thursday November the 28th Time: 18-21

Who? Young adults, seniors and realtives.

Join us

What can we do?

We see a lot of elders that want to continue to live home but live alone as age makes it harder and harder do fulfil simple household tasks. Many elders have rooms to spare for the right fit and with the right assurances.

Many young adults are in a stage of life where they want to free themselves and in search of new accommodation. Finding accommodation is not always easy, where we believe in finding new solutions that give meaning and makes it easier to take the next step in life.

Our idea, a matchmaking platform över generational boundaries that solves a problem regarding loneliness, needs of simpler household services and youngs needs of finding affordable accommodation.


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Shared Living

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Let’s create something extraordinary

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